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ART FAIR | “MIGRATION” – Special Project Asia Now x ZETO ART

Building A

2nd floor

booth number: A205

For the 2017 ASIA NOW, ZETO ART will present an exhibition entitled “migration (迁徙)” which brings together young artists active in France, China and Japan whose works cover a range of art forms including photography, painting, sculpture, installation, etc. Actively or passively, the participating artists have all migrated out of their original cultural context to a new civilization in which they live and explore by means of art. As the phenomenon is directly related to the difference between the social status of their homelands and the migratory destinations, the works of the participating artists reveal different perspectives and thus give both aesthetical and sociological value to the discussion of the theme “migration”.

Invited to present the special project of the 2017 ASIA NOW, ZETO ART is a curatorial team dedicated to promoting young Asian artists from all over the world. As to the curatorial programme, ZETO ART is integrating the traditional curatorial approach with new modes of communication. Such as to spread the concept of Asia Now as well as ZETO ART special project through multiple live streaming platforms.

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