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EXHIBITION | “VORTEX” “溯洄” -- Solo Exhibition of YU ZHUO 俞拙摄影个展

Yu Zhuo has been applying the art concept of “Inversion” (chinese:“逆”)to his works from the beginning of his career as a photographer. For him, this is a concept, a state of mind. It is neither about advancing forward nor about stepping back.

On the surface, Yu Zhuo’s work is, without doubt, quite smooth. The poetic side of the works creates a layer of mist, behind which lies the artist’s expression of the rhythm of space. This rhythm has its own pace. It is neither constantly-changing nor detached. Sometimes, the feeling of detachment which is contrary of the reality is the representation of the efforts it make in order to move forward. This endeavor brings an impression of advancement.

The concept of “Inversion” illustrates a motionless force which is both objective and subjective; the static state contains great energy; at the same time, it disappears in the blink of an eye. Similar to the eternal silence before the explosion, it is in a dilemma. It is trying to keep the balance between the external force and the effortlessness.

Yu Zhao is often confronted with this dilemma, he has, therefore, found a way to express his emotions. He enjoys a sense of shortness of breath and the feelings of suffocation after running in the wind or swimming against the strong torrents. He took this state as a warning signal which reminds himself the concept of advance and retreat. When the possibility of advancing forward or stepping back becomes perceivable, he becomes bold and without fear.




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